Urban Fairytale

Urban Fairytale

Kirsty Hamilton (far right)  a Skype student of the Vancouver dramaschool, who holds an Honours Degree in Performance from the University of Western Scotland and a Licentiate Diploma from Trinity College London, appeared in the Glasgow-based Urban Fairytale Theatre Company in Scotland.

The new Company consists of 12 actors plus directors and staff whose mission is to devise drama through storytelling. True to mission their first performance play is called “Tell Me Your Truth”, created from true life stories.

In the words of the company Director: “We were looking at the way people seem to hide these days, the way we seem to be scared of being seen for who we are. We have digital friendships, more comfortable opening up to others online than in real life. We were looking for the public to make their true selves visible to us, to tell us honestly (and anonymously) who they are through stories that they never usually tell.”

View the trailer here

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