Communication Skills

Communication Skills is another core programme: 

  • Voice training is key with all the fundamentals of the craft including posture, breathing, relaxation, projection and articulation.
  • Techniques of interpretation include how to use the voice most effectively through variations in pitch, inflection, tone, pace, volume and pause.
  • Voice training is through good literature with students given a wide variety of texts to stretch their imaginations
  • Verse-speaking is fundamental as students learn to convey mood, meaning and feeling. Students are encouraged to take part in Poetry in Voice, the Canadian verse-speaking competition.
  • Storytelling is another fundamental and students are exposed to storytelling in all genres and from around the world. Story writing is also engaged in.
  • Interview technique is an important life skill which can be applied to situations such as: admission interview, intern interview and job interview
  • Listening skills include how to grasp the main idea and supporting details in a spoken article and summarize the article orally.
  • Public speaking: students are taken through the steps in: brainstorming a topic, writing a speech, performing a speech, creating a slide deck and integrating it into the performance. All types of speech are engaged with: informative, demonstration, persuasive
  • Debate procedure and preparation
  • Conflict resolution and mediation are explored with many different scenarios both personal and work related. Students role play in the scenario.

At the end of the last term, we offer examinations in Trinity College London Communication Skills Syllabus :

  • Individual Communications Skills examinations from Initial to Grade 8
  • Group Communications exams for groups of 3 to 4 candidates, Grade 1 to Grade 8
  • Professional Certificate in Communication Skills, post Grade 8
  • Associate and Licenciate Diplomas in Communication Skills

Trinity College London exams in Communication Skills starting at Grade 5 areaccredited by the Ministry of Education. Students can claim credits by presenting their certificate to their School Counsellor.

[Photo] West Vancouver Gleneagles students with examiner Sarah Mann in a Group Communication Skills exam June 2015 

Contact us for further information about our Communication Skills programme and Trinity College London examinations.