Stephanie Phen on set China Central Television

Stephanie Phen of the Vancouver drama school  won the gold medal in the All China National Children and Youth Talent Competition held in Beijing in January 2009.  Stephanie faced  tough competition in Shanghai where she emerged from over eight thousand competitors to represent Shanghai in Beijing for the finals.  In all China about 120,000 competitors take part with around 1000 children getting into the finals in Beijing in front of 20 judges.

 In addition to the honour of winning a gold medal in National Competition she appeared on China Central Television, the national network, in a CCTV Children’s New Year Concert.   Stephanie trained through weekly online lessons on ‘Skype’ completing her Diploma in Speech & Drama and her Professional Certificate in Communication Skills from Trinity College London.  She now lives in New York.

Below is Stephanie working on a storytelling project for China Central Television in 2012.