Danesh Graham on his way to London!

     We are excited to announce that Danesh Zhao Graham has been accepted for the Foundations Acting course at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance in the United Kingdom, having gone through an arduous selection process involving 3000 candidates to be one of only 30 students in the programme.

     Rose Bruford is one of the UK Conference of Drama Schools and provides rigorous and professional training in all aspects of performance.  Danesh will train with experienced acting staff and visiting directors as well as other industry professionals.  The Foundation course will prepare him for the three year Honours Acting Bachelor of Arts.He is also excited about the opportunities to see live London theatre and learn about working as an actor.  His goal is to get his Honours Acting B.A. and work in the business.  We wish him all the best in this exciting new endeavour.

     Over the years at dramaschool-Vancouver Danesh has achieved outstanding results in Trinity College London examinations, having completed his Grade 8 Speech & Drama in 2015 with Distinction and his Associate Diploma in Performing Speech and Drama this June also with Distinction.

     From an early age Danesh has been fascinated by the imaginary world, hence his passion for theatre.  His early childhood was spent in China and he still has fond memories of his time there.  He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and has MC’d many Chinese cultural events.  Another passion is singing, both solo and choral and he is looking forward to the  vocal training at Rose Bruford.

     A family friend has written a poem in Mandarin for Danesh, which Danesh has translated into English.  This beautiful poem refers specifically to Danesh and the poem Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, which Danesh performed for his Associate Diploma; however, the poem is very fitting for all of our students setting out on new roads:

In the Distance You Sail

     by Xiao Bi, translated by Danesh Zhao Graham


In the distance you sail


drifting toward the horizon


Clouds above waving you farewell


Your dream, like a lofty sail catching the wind,

sends you forward


The gentle tides of Vancouver


cannot hold you longer


Roaring in your heart


The bravery of a boy now grown


Strong and mature


Youthful fire in your veins,


fueling your wonder and curiosity,

carry you further away from shore


And when the unforgiving ocean beats away at your vessel

with such fury–it's mast scantily seen under the blanket of blue. 


You stand, arms raised screaming-


"Come! Let the storm be more violent!" 


No relentless storm


No terrifying tsunami can sink you


a spot in a wide sea, your lonely shadow,

blends into the congenial dark of night


where you sit below the stars, singing 


the Rime of the Ancient Mariner


the homeland of Shakespeare now before you


Dawn now peeking over the horizon


a warm, golden glow illuminating your wooden hull


A pure white albatross soaring gracefully over your bronze shoulders




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